Disabled Parking

Unless you are planning  to spend your whole holiday in one place then you'll need a car. If you have a blue disabled parking badge then take it with you on your trip! If you have an old orange one then trade it in for a blue one.

Parking in Spain is always a hassle and there are few advantages to having a blue badge in Spain. The main advantage is that you can park in disabled bays (far right) ...but not all of them. Note the two disabled parking signs (right). The additional characters on them is the registration of the car of the sole authorised user

Note how the user of this bay helpfully reaffirms their willingness to have your car towed away!

It is worth noting that Spanish supermarkets actually police their car parks ...don't forget to display your badge if you park in a disabled bay!!

Yellow kerbs usually mean you can't park (even if you have a disabled badge). All the cars without a badge in the street (above) could be towed away. Take no notice of other people's willingness to park where they like. In this street an exemption has been made for disabled drivers (unhelpfully displayed in the local dialect in this case). The proper Spanish word for "disabled" is Minusválido (or minor variations)

The broken blue line (above) or blue kerbs denote an area that you can park in ...but even disabled drivers have to pay. You must buy a ticket from a machine in the street (bottom left) and display it. Pay points are denoted by the sign pictured below

Unfortunately, this photo (left) represents my best attempt at capturing the detail of a Spanish 'pay-and-display' ticket machine. These machines display the period of time you have purchased as you drop your coins in. The time is shown on the little LCD screen on the top left of the machine. Press the green button to obtain your ticket ...this eventually comes out of the slot (bottom left) and is rather less than instantaneous in its arrival! You don't usually have to pay during the Siesta (13.30--16.30). In an entertaining little twist, the machines currently don't accept 1€ and 2€ coins!

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