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Consolidation Debts: loan costs and settlement

All useful information regarding debt consolidation offered by Ultranix. Let’s see how this form of financing works, with related costs and loan regulation. Finally, why choose this solution among the many studied by Ultranix and reserved to its customers.

Consolidation Debts Ultranix: regulation

Consolidation Debts Ultranix: regulation

One of the main companies operating in the financing sector is Ultranix. There are many interesting products, designed to meet the needs of a very large clientele. By visiting the financial website you will find the various Ultranix loans, among which you will surely find the one that’s right for you. The product we are talking about on this page is debt consolidation, which you have probably already heard of. This is a particular form of financing, aimed at those who have other loans in progress. Nowadays there are many goods and services that can be purchased having access to a loan that allows us to defer the payment in convenient installments. This is possible, for example, when you buy a car, or when you book a trip, or if you buy new furniture for your home.

In some respects payment installments is a great service that allows us to buy what we want without having to face the expense in a single solution, which could be rather problematic. At the same time, the problem is that in many cases we have to repay several loans at the same time, often with different expiration dates of monthly installments. This is precisely the reason for the consolidation of the Ultranix debts. This solution allows us to reunite our debts into a single total amount to be repaid just as if the loan received was only one. In practice, Ultranix will deal with the early repayment of our debts, which may be with any other company. Subsequently, therefore, it will be only Ultranix the company to be repaid, with the advantage that we will have only one monthly payment to be paid.

As underlined in the debt consolidation regulations of Ultranix, the requisites required are the same as for classic personal loans. Therefore it is obviously necessary to be of legal age, and under the age of 76. As regards the income document necessary to proceed with the request, it is possible to present the paycheck in the case of employees, the pension slip in the case of pensioners and finally the income tax return for self-employed workers. If you are interested in receiving further information about it, you can use the Ultranix contacts for any need. There are several reasons why it is convenient to choose the debt consolidation offered by Ultranix. In addition to having to pay only one monthly payment, in fact, you can save on interest. In fact, Ultranix applies extremely competitive interest rates compared to those currently on the market. Finally, another good reason to choose Ultranix debt consolidation is to extend the previously set duration. We will have free choice in this sense, and we can therefore choose a rebate in a number of monthly installments ranging from 12 to 120.

Ultranix Loan Consolidation Debts: costs and estimate

Ultranix Loan Consolidation Debts: costs and estimate

The debt consolidation offered by Ultranix to its customers is a solution to be taken into consideration if you are to repay several loans. To better analyze a product of this type it is very important to take a look at the expected costs. As reported on the official website of Ultranix, interest rates are set at the time of the request and remain unchanged for the entire duration of the loan. For each loan option available, the applied Tan and Taeg are specified. The latter is higher than the nominal annual rate, as it includes all expenses related to the debt consolidation required.

There are several costs to be faced with the consolidation of Ultranix debts, which are in any case in line with those required by other banks and financial institutions. The investigative fees are 200 euros, while the stamp duty has a cost of 16 euros. To these two expenses and to the interests are added the monthly expenses of practical management equal to 2 euros plus the other 2 euros on the annual report and termination report. If you are interested in requesting this form of financing and want to know specifically what the conditions of your debt consolidation will be offered by Ultranix, what you need to do is request a quote. On the financial website you can receive a free quote online in a few simple clicks. All we have to do is enter the amount we need and then click on ” Calculate the installment “. It is worth pointing out that with the consolidation of Ultranix debts we have the possibility to request further liquidity, provided that overall our current debts and the new amount we need do not exceed the maximum threshold set at € 30000.

To get an idea of ​​the treatment offered by Ultranix for debt consolidation, let’s see some examples. First we consider a personal loan request of 10,000 euros. By entering the amount, all available options will immediately be presented. Considering that the amount is not particularly high, our advice is not to choose a too high duration. For example, a repayment can be convenient in 36 monthly installments of € 305.30, with Tan 4.92% interest rates and 7.03% Taeg. In the event that the sum of money you request is equal to 20000 euros, it is probably necessary to defer the repayment more. For example, by choosing a repayment in 60 months the amount of each installment will be 403 euros, while the interest rates are Tan 6.91% and Taeg 8.30%. Our advice is to use the Ultranix simulator in order to find the perfect solution for your needs, whether you want to lower the spending that you face on a monthly basis for your current loans and if you want to request an additional amount of money.



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